Nancy Ness

by on January 3, 2014


Creative art-making is an addiction I caught at an early age. Through the act of art-making, I search for my personal visual language that authentically communicates the known in unexpected ways by pushing color and abstraction. During the process, I get excited by unpredictable brushwork which impels my journey into each piece as well as fuels my two-dimensional addiction to the imagery. My medium of choice is painting using oil and pastel while incorporating a variety of textural surfaces, paper and canvas, rough and smooth, thick and thin. My experience as a print art director has taught me to speak loudly with concept, simplicity and directness. My goal is to quietly seduce and engage the viewer into the window each piece offers.


Nancy is a graduate of Pratt Institute, NY and an associate member of both the Pastel Society of America and the Oil Painters of America. She has won a number of national and international awards for both her pastels and oil painting. After a long career as an art director she now paints full-time.

At this point Nancy has the freedom to say, “It’s important for me to do what’s right for the painting. For so many years, in the design world, I had to please and alter work for different clients. Now, it’s time for the work to lead the way.

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