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Paper Marbling Workshop

by February 17, 2016
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Learn to create the amazing patterns and textures of the ancient art of marbling, and utilize those techniques to experiment with a range of materials, colors and papers in the creation of your own unique designs. Participants will explore a number of marbling techniques in a demonstration and hands on …Read more »

Laureen Hylka

by December 30, 2015

Orient Point Light 36 x 24 oil
Golden Light
Laureen Hlyka is a Copley Society of Boston Artist, attend the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, New York Arts Students League and the Scottsdale Artists School. Laureen also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education with a certificate to …Read more »

Linda Plotkin

by August 23, 2018
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“Sign of Three”10 x 10 collage 2003$650
“Empress and Lotus” 10 x 10 collage 2003 $650
“Horseman” 10 x 10 collage $650
“Tiger Departing” 10 x 10 collage $650
“Hen and Dragon” 10 x 10 collage $650
“Tiger Parade” 10 x 10 collage $650
Plotkin’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Both her paintings and …Read more »

Helen M. Weinstein

by December 6, 2015

“Jungle Paradise” oil on canvas 32 x 32
“Meditation” oil on canvas 32.25 x 34.5
“Reverie”oil on canvas 20 x 36
Color and form have been the focus of Greenport artist
Helen Weinstein’s approach to painting. As an interior designer, her trademark has been working with unusual color combinations, which she …Read more »

Laura Westlake

by December 9, 2016

“Flying in from the Bay”colored pencil 8 x 16
“I Can’t See Inside”colored pencil 8.5 x 11
“Autumn to Winter”colored pencil 16 x 18
“Spring Sings” colored pencil 14 x 17
“Cat and Mouse”oil on panel 11 x 15