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William Porter

by January 3, 2014




William Porter is a third generation artist originally from Long Island. He expresses his art mainly through drawing and plein-air …Read more »

Marc G. Rubin


“Temerity”8.25 x 5 oil on panel
Leaning Green                               oil on panel      12.5×15.5
Preaching to the Choir                          oil on panel   …Read more »

Eileen Dawn Skretch


“Touching the Sky” 36 x 48 oil on wood
“Across the Harbor”12 x 6 oil on wood

I am a landscape painter. I love what is left of the flat open spaces of the East End, painting outside, on site, when possible. In my studio I paint from reference notes …Read more »

Ty Stroudsburg

Ty Stroudsburg, Moonrise-North Road

“Cornflowers and Mist”oil on canvas14 x 18
“An Open Field”oil on linen20 x 16
“Beach Blossoms”oil on canvas 20 x 22
“Red Tie-Ups”oil on linen 40 x 42
“A Small Field”oil on linen 14 x 15
“Cosmos Hill”oil on linen 20 x 20
“Overgrown”oil on linen 48 x 60
…Read more »

Marilyn Uhl-Utz

Marilyn Uhl-Utz, From the State Park. Sold.

“The Log in Orient Point”oil on canvas 8 x 10
“At the Orient Crab Shack”oil on canvas 8 x 10
“Moon tide – Sunday After the eclipse of the Moon”oil on canvas 8 x 10

Marilyn grew up in Port Washingotn, Long Island and summered in Greenport, L.I. She studied …Read more »

Helen M. Weinstein

by December 6, 2015

“Jungle Paradise” oil on canvas 32 x 32
“Meditation” oil on canvas 32.25 x 34.5
“Reverie”oil on canvas 20 x 36
Color and form have been the focus of Greenport artist
Helen Weinstein’s approach to painting. As an interior designer, her trademark has been working with unusual color combinations, which she …Read more »

Laura Westlake

by December 9, 2016

“Flying in from the Bay”colored pencil 8 x 16
“I Can’t See Inside”colored pencil 8.5 x 11
“Autumn to Winter”colored pencil 16 x 18
“Spring Sings” colored pencil 14 x 17
“Cat and Mouse”oil on panel 11 x 15

Charles Winheld

by January 3, 2014

“Post Flood”rye/wax tempera20″ x 25″
Florida. casein/resin. 37″ x. 37″
Fishmarket. casein/wax. 22″ c 30″
Boatworks. casein. 22″ x 23″
Lumberyard. 31″ x 32″. casein/resin
Sertatude casein 20″ x 24″
“Basin Red”casein/wax. 22″ x 18″
“Lake”casein/resin 38″x 38″
Sealy’s last sleep 22″ x 26″ casein/resin
Mattress al fresco casein/resin 20 …Read more »

John Wissemann

John Wissemann, Harbor #6

Harbor #1

Harbor #8

Born in New York City, John Wissemann received a bachelor of fine arts degree in 1951 and a master of fine arts degree in 1952 from Syracuse University. …Read more »

Amy Worth


“View from The Soundview” 7×10 oil on board
“Soundview”12×6 oil on board
“Rose for an ass” 6.5 x 5.5 oil on board
“For Jacqueline Garcia Reyes”6.5 x 5.5 oil on board
“Flower for Judge James Robart, and a prayer for a “so called” leader6.5 x 5.5 oil on board
“Apple on Ice for Betsy DeVos”5.5 …Read more »