“Sign of Three”
10 x 10 collage 2003

“Empress and Lotus” 10 x 10 collage 2003 $650

“Horseman” 10 x 10 collage $650

“Tiger Departing” 10 x 10 collage $650

“Hen and Dragon” 10 x 10 collage $650

“Tiger Parade” 10 x 10 collage $650

Plotkin’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Both her paintings and prints have been shown in solo shows in New York, as well as galleries and museums in other cities. Her prints are in the collections of MoMA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Brooklyn Museum, The Library of Congress, the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, as well as numerous other public and private collections.

She received her BA at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and her MFA at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn.

Her most recent work has been inspired by aspects of music, both choral and instrumental, expressing the relationship between the qualities of art and music, such as harmony, color, and rhythm.

She teaches color and design at CUNY, and is currently creating new monotypes at 10 Grand Press in Brooklyn, as well as at the Lower East Side Printshop in Chelsea.