8.25 x 5 oil on panel

lean green

Leaning Green                               oil on panel      12.5×15.5

preaching to the choir

Preaching to the Choir                          oil on panel     11×15


Artist Statement:

I pull things from the debris of the world, objects we walk by every day, and by painting them, I attempt to bring out their beauty and the flash of emotion I first felt looking at them. These objects whisper their stories to me — without words — using only their texture, their weight, their humble presence. I bring the viewer eye-to-eye with them, and as simply as possible, I let them speak for themselves. They say things like: I’m tired, but grateful. I’m beautiful, and I will die. I’m here — do you see me?


Marc Rubin paints still lives that invite meaning and evoke story. He captures everyday objects at eye‐level and sized in the frame as they are in the world—but he imbues them with a spirit and presence so that, emotionally, they become larger than life.

Rubin’s work can be seen locally at galleries in Scranton, PA, Corning and Greenport, NY. Other galleries in Lambertville, NJ; Chestertown, MD; Alexandria VA; Charleston, SC; Scottsdale, AZ and Colorado Springs, CO.

From 1990–2001, he painted weekly under the guidance of world‐renowned painter Thomas Buechner, and continues in that tradition to masterfully paint representational oils on panels.

In 2006 he taught painting and figure drawing at Elmira College. In addition to his work as a painter, Rubin is an award‐winning graphic artist and owner of Marc Rubin Associates, which offers business‐aligned creative solutions to graphic communications needs. He served on the executive board of directors for the Arnot Art Museum, he is a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the Design Management Institute and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He served on the board of The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes for twelve years and is a past board member of the Upstate New York chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts.

He resides in Elmira, NY, with his family.

Rubin’s masterfully painted representational oils are exhibited in galleries throughout the Northeast.