Megan Barron

by on January 3, 2014

Megan Barron – 365

wrack line – a daily visual journal of what washes ashore.

Every day for a year Megan created a new acrylic-on-paper rendering of objects found during beach walks.¬†Megan’s project began on May 25th, 2009 and ended on May 24th 2010.

On June 26, 2010, The South Street Gallery in Greenport exhibited all 365 pieces in the Wrack Line Collection.

The following is an interview with Megan about her work:

Q: What was your inspiration or reason for the work-a-day regimen?
A: It was fairly straightforward: I find a lot of things along the shore! It occurred to me that the random encounters with these objects could make an interesting series, and once I started the paintings, I realized that they also spoke to larger issues.

Q: Your solo show at the Floyd Memorial Library in 2008 was similar in format: small works on paper that had a previous purpose. How does that show relate to Wrack Line?
A: That is true–the concept of the previous purpose; I hadn’t thought about that consciously. It dovetails well with the fact that almost everything one chances upon along the beach has had a previous life. I do very much like working in a small format, and, in the case of Wrack Line, it reflects my tendency to closely observe objects, particularly overlooked and abandoned ones.

Q: What were some of your feelings about approaching the end of your yearlong project?
A: I am actually relieved! I’ve been under this self-imposed obligation for a long time, and look forward to spending time with friends or even reading books without having to think I should be working on my daily painting instead However, seeing the accumulated body of work pleases me greatly.

Q: What are your thoughts about finishing this project? Did you choose a special subject for #365?
A: I have not, but now that you mention it, I should. Many of the paintings contain extra meanings, or a play on words–a mini bonus, if you will– so making the last one special almost seems a requirement. But I have to rely on randomness providing me with the source.

Q: Has this experience given you inspiration for your net project?
A: I don’t think anything specific or prospectively long term has come to mind, but while I was engaged in this project other ideas nudged at me that I was not able to execute, so, with hope, I will turn to those now.



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