23rd Street Café, Philadelphia

23rd Street Café, Philadelphia watercolor, 5″x7″

Ludwig and Thelonius watercolor, 5″x7″

Dance I        watercolor 5″x7″ sold

Dance III     watercolor 5’x7″

Wagner on Fire watercolor 5″x7″

Dance I copy

Dance I copy watercolor 5″x7″

Jazz on Liszt watercolor 9.5″ x 12″

Art Deco, Liszt and Josephine

Art Deco, Liszt and Josephine    watercolor 9.5″ x 12″


Monk and Friends    watercolor 9.5″ x 12″

MONK on Liszt

MONK on Liszt watercolor 9.5″ X 12″

LOVE Park, II, Philadelphia       watercolor 9.5″ x 12″

Billie on Brahms

Billie on Brahms watercolor 9.5″ x 12″

The Singer, on Mozart

The Singer, on Mozart    watercolor 12″ x 9.5″

Swing on Mendelsohn watercolor 9.5″ x 12″

How High the Moon,          How High             watercolor       9.5″ x 12″

Zweites Trio - Second Trio

Zweites Trio – Second                Trio               watercolor 9.5″ x 12″

Dance IV       watercolor 5″ x 7″

Artist Statement:

My quest as visual artist is to communicate the beauty, movement and emotion of BODY AND SOUL WORKING TOGETHER

– without words, without sound –

simply an illusion of motion and energy in mixed media on paper and canvas.

While the dancers are rendered realistically in full body, the continuously moving female nude dancer is abstracted by the line. There is no line in nature.

But when you look at my work I hope you hear music,

I hope you feel the joy.endearing and familiar figure to me. His hourly glockenspiel menuet on ceramic bells ringing through town is still with me. It seems like the sound of music inspires me to create on paper.

While my series of dancers, musicians and flowers are basically sheer fun, I also feel a deep commitment as artist to make a meaningful contribution to the serious and sometimes troubling side of society.

My goal is to balance the light-hearted aspect of art for its beauty and uplifting spirit with the art of conveying a serious message to aid human causes.


S. M. PFAFFENBICHLER was raised in Steyr, O.Oe., Austria, she came to the United States at age 19. She received her BFA from FIT, State University of NY, New York City, followed by advanced art studies at LIU Brooklyn and Southampton, LI.

The artist is moved by Motion, especially by the human body in motion. A large part of her work is on American Dance, the era of Jazz and Rock’n Roll. Looking at her dancers gives the illusion of movement on a flat surface, one almost can hear the music. They are drawn or painted using all media from charcoal to oil and have been shown solo and in groups in NYC, the Hamptons of Long Island, Vienna Austria and Italy.

Another body of her work is based on a slowly but constantly moving model. The artist is following her motions and gestures to various music with spontaneous line drawings in India ink using a simple bamboo pen, from index cards to rolls of paper/canvas up to 100 feet long.

After New York City and the Hamptons of Long Island the artist is now living and working in Philadelphia, PA.