49toxicgardenVital Signs 2011
April 30 – May 31 2011
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 30 5:00PM – 7:00PM
Janet Culbertson, a recent recipient of the Pollock/Krasner Grant, is exhibiting her Industrial Park and Billboard Series at the South Street Gallery in Greenport from April 30 to May 31. Today artists are increasingly concerned with how industry, explosive growth and climate aberrations impact on the environment. This exhibition deals with these and many other issues.

Culbertson’s materials incorporate iridescent pigments which glitter deceptively as if they were bejeweled rather than toxic, her paint, often silver, reflects the metallic look of machinery. These are gorgeous, richly textured, aglow with phosphorescent pigment and glitter on the one hand, and chilling, foreboding and unnerving on the other.

She states “The more I traveled the more I witnessed these changes worldwide. In true George Orwellian Doublespeak, industry calls its sites “Parks”, its clear cutting “ Making open space”, its killing “Harvesting” and its lying “‘ Misinformation” and perhaps most frightening are the religious zealots who kill indiscriminately in the name of their “God”. As an artist, I cannot escape the mostly disastrous news events, so I try to deal with them in paint”.

image — “TOXIC GARDEN” 22×30 inkjet print and paint