Barbara Bilotta, G-Force. 48 x 48, acrylic w/resin on Canvas.

G-Force. 48 x 48, Acrylic w/Resin on Canvas.

May 30th through June 23rd
Opening Reception May 31st 5p.m. – 7 p.m.


New York born painter Barbara Bilotta considers herself an Abstract Expressionist, a categorization that hints at the uniquely stylized and deconstructed acrylic and resin compositions that she extracts from natural images. Her canvases combine forms of bold color in fluidly layered shapes. The resin lends a lacquered shine and textural dimensionality to each piece, so that light plays off the colors in surprising ways.

The mixing of acrylic and resin also accentuates the intensive layering involved in each piece. Bilotta’s work thereby gains an architectonic quality, evoking structured forms suddenly emancipated from their linear binding, allowed to move freely, organically. The viscous imagery of the highly reflective resin even confounds clear differentiations between brushstrokes so that each dynamic composition seems to have emerged from a loosely guided pouring process. Bilotta finds compelling and attractive forms through bold and glimmering fluidity.

The striking abstract patterns in her works are more than just arrangements of colors and shapes Her love of nature animates those patterns, forging a connection between pure abstraction and organic forms Thanks to that link, a flowing arrangement of colors will also evoke the textures found in a rock’s surface of a body of water There is an elemental strength in her images that grounds them, setting up a contract with the artist’s dynamic use of colors and shapes. “My goal”, she says, “is to transform the natral order into a suggestive interpretation to stimulate the imagination.”

Barbara has won numerous awards, and most recently was Best Abstact and Second Place overall in the International Fine Art Competition held in Fort Lauderdale in June 2012.

Barbara divides her time between Long Island and Miami.