A two-day plein air oil painting workshop capturing the afternoon light.
July 12 and 13
1 p.m. – 7p.m.
fee: $250.00


Born in Montevideo, Uruguay (1962), Aurelio Torres is a classically trained painter who distills the aesthetic laws of Antiguity – of proportion dictated by the Golden Section – as well as modern principles of painting directly from a source, whether it is a natural land – or seascape, or a posed model.

Travels through South America, Mexico, and Europe, and residence in New York City from a young age are all evidenced in his artwork, inspired always in the artist’s immediate surroundings, in what is at hand. Torres does much of his painting in natural, outdoor settings. He is an observer of detail in all objects and surroundings, as is evidenced especially in his portraits where his portrayal of the human figure captures not only the physical appearance but also the actual, true spirit and mood of each sitter.

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