This workshop is designed for all levels. The purpose of the

workshop is to give the artist a path into creativity. It is

designed to loosen up the experienced artist and put the

inexperienced artist on an exciting and productive path.

There will be a demonstration of the crucial elements in Wet Into Wet.

  • preparation of the paper
  • the use and loading of the brush
  • discussion of the importance of the viscosity of the paint.
  • Each class member will participate in an exercise in visualization
  • using the techniques described above to produce a painting.

Critiques of each member’s work will be provided throughout this session.

deCordova on the subject:

” I believe everyone is an artist. It has been said that watercolor is the hardest medium to paint in and is the least respected. I found it opens new doors and that it is a great way to begin. Wet into Wet watercolor using a flat one inch brush, can be the most rewarding for the beginner or the experienced artist. If you can deal with having your original image suddenly change and if you can deal with and enjoy a change in direction, you will be walking through an open door and you will be experiencing a new form of visualization.

In Wet into Wet, the overall dampness of the paper, the effect that scattered pools of water have, the viscosity of the paint and the brush stroke is like a dance. You lead and it leads.

          So let the dance begin!”


Materials needed:

  • One inch flat brush
  • A set of Marie’s water colors in tubes
  • Watercolor paper 90 lb. 16×20 size

Saturday, August 6

Hours: 10am to 5pm

Feet: $125

Maximum of 12 students