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A two-day workshop exploring the versatility of the pastel medium.
July  26 and 27   9:30 a.m. -4:00 p.m.
fee:  $250.00

Learn to use soft pastels with mixed media and on a variety of papers.  Find out how pastels can easily be used inside or out for sketching or finished paintings.  Pastels are arguably the easiest medium for beginners to learn but yet offer endless potential for the advanced artist as well.  Take the plunge and find your favorite way to use this colorful medium.

About NANCY NESS the artist…..

Nancy Ness paints with both pastels and oils.  She is a Pratt Institute graduate who has garnered many awards for her fine art.   Last year, her pastel, “Shell Parade”, won the Alabama Award at the Annual Pastel Society of America’s international competition.  Her work may be viewed at The South Street Gallery in Greenport, N.Y. or online at nancyness.com.  This September, Nancy will be exhibiting in a group show at The South Street Gallery with three other women artists; Joan Stevens, Helen M. Weinstein and Amy Worth.

Nancy splits her time between two lifestyles.  During the warm summer days she lives on her boat in Greenport, N.Y. and sails with her husband.  As the cold weather moves in, they

head back to their home in Ogden, Utah where they spend the winter months skiing.  These two

lifestyles markedly affect the manner in which Nancy creates art….during the summer, Nancy paints mostly en plein air,  then moves back into the studio to work for the winter months. Nancy has found pastels lend themselves easily to both environments.


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